Bring Your Basket!

Our secret 90 year old recipes, hand-rolled in real chocolate… Easter doesn’t get more delicious than this!

Sweet & Salty!

Crunchy pretzels, smothered in creamy, real chocolate with lots of extra goodies to make them fun & irresistible!

The Finest Ingredients!

Sweet creamery butter, real milk and dark chocolate, long-thread cocoanut – it’s how we make delicious happen!


About Zitners Confections

Zitner’s Fine Confections have been tantalizing tastebuds for nearly a century! When you bite into one of our beloved Butter Krak Eggs, you experience the same delightful goodness that your grandparents enjoyed. Our story begins in 1920, when Sam and Annie Zitner first began selling their delicious candy creations from their home. As the years went by, the demand for these scrumptious candies grew, and so did the Zitner’s business. Now, more than ninety years later, we’re known as one of the finest regional candy companies in the nation. You can find our gourmet chocolate covered pretzels and candy eggs in drug stores, grocery stores and convenience stores throughout the United States.  Retail Stores