zitner's chocolates

About Us

Welcome to Zitner’s Fine Confections! Zitner’s has been creating delicious chocolates in Philadelphia since 1922 and we are excited to share our tradition with you.

The Zitner’s Easter bunnies are iconic throughout the Northeast and are found in drug, grocery, and convenience stores every spring. Our entire Easter line put us on the map, but we are more than cream-filled eggs and chocolate bunnies! We craft each box of candy with a level of excellence that you can taste in every bite – you’ll want to make it a year-round treat.

We take pride in our confections and believe they are the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether you are celebrating a holiday, ordering corporate gifts, or satisfying your sweet tooth, our candies have been a tried and true favorite for over 100 years. Click here to place your order today!

Our History

The Zitner’s tradition started when husband/wife duo Sam and Annie Zitner began making candy eggs and selling them out of their Philadelphia garage in the 1920s. Demand for their confections soon out-paced their garage setup and they moved into a factory. Philadelphians loved the bite-sized treats so much that Zitner’s made a 100-pound version for an Easter display in the window of the Girard Bank on Broad Street.

The couple passed the family business onto their nephews Arthur and Leon Sherman in the 1940s, who moved the factory into its current location in North Philadelphia. The brothers opted to keep making candy the old-fashioned way, rather than using automation. Over the years, Leon would fix broken factory machines himself.

While Zitner’s was sold outside the family in 1990, the tradition continues with Evan Prochniak now at the helm. When Prochiak purchased the business in 2010, he was a real estate lawyer and had no plans to keep the business. He quickly changed his mind — and career — to keep the iconic Zitner’s eggs in production.

Little has changed over the years and the hand-written recipes are still kept on file dating back decades. The most popular flavor is the beloved Butter Krak, which has been made since the days of Sam and Annie Zitner. Generations of families flock to stores during Christmas and Easter to shop for their favorite Zitner’s confections and every year, the brand is available further and further outside its hometown of Philadelphia.