At Zitner’s, in the heart of Philadelphia, the sweet aroma of our local chocolate has enchanted residents and visitors alike for over a century. Zitner’s Fine Confections, a cherished institution since 1922, invites you to explore the world of chocolate right here in the City of Brotherly Love.

A Tradition of Excellence

Zitner’s Fine Confections isn’t your average confectionery. We’re a living testament to the enduring tradition of crafting exceptional local chocolates. Founded by Sam and Annie Zitner in the early 1920s, our story began in the humblest of settings – a Philadelphia garage. Their commitment to creating delicious chocolate soon led Sam and Annie to outgrow their garage and begin work on a larger scale. 

Zitner’s dedication to preserving the authenticity of handcrafted chocolate sets it apart from the competition. While many confectioneries have embraced automation, Zitner’s has decided to honor our legacy by handcrafting each batch of chocolate with love and care. Even as the factory moved to its current location under the guidance of Arthur and Leon Sherman, the nephews of Sam and Annie, the commitment to tradition remained unwavering.

A Legacy of Seasonal Chocolate Delights

Zitner’s chocolate eggs are a local legend, and among our most beloved offerings are our famous Butter Krak Chocolate Covered Eggs. These treats have been delighting Philadelphians for generations. The name “Butter Krak” harkens back to the days of Sam and Annie Zitner. The combination of buttery goodness encased in a layer of dark chocolate is a timeless classic that continues to win hearts.

But Zitner’s isn’t just about Butter Krak. We offer a variety of chocolate treats to satisfy every palate. Whether you prefer the creamy indulgence of Coconut Cream or savory Peanut Butter, Zitner’s has a flavor that will transport your taste buds to a world of pure bliss.

Zitner’s, a Year-Round Chocolate Destination

While Zitner’s Easter collection, including the iconic chocolate bunnies, is a highlight during springtime, the magic of our chocolates is available year-round. We’ve created an experience that transcends the seasons and is perfect for any chocolate craving, anytime. Whether you’re celebrating a holiday, sending corporate gifts, or indulging your sweet tooth, Zitner’s chocolates are the perfect choice.

A Continuation of Tradition

In 1990, Zitner’s moved away from family ownership, but our legacy of crafting exceptional chocolate remained intact. Over the years, very little has changed. Handwritten recipes from decades past are still in use today, so the original flavors and techniques stay intact. Our unwavering commitment to tradition is what makes Zitner’s chocolates truly special. 

Discover Zitner’s Fine Confections

Today, Zitner’s Fine Confections invites you to discover the irresistible charm of our local chocolate and seasonal treats. Located in the heart of Philadelphia, we invite you to explore a world where tradition meets flavor, and every bite is a journey through a century of chocolate craftsmanship.

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Come and immerse yourself in the irresistible world of Zitner’s candies, where our legacy of chocolate continues to thrive. Visit us today and become part of a Philadelphia tradition.